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Welcome to Orthodox Washington

Glory to God!

Welcome! This site is designed to be of service to Orthodox Christians who are residing in or visiting Washington State. We hope this site will aid you in your search for an Orthodox Church within a particular jurisdiction, city or locale.

The Priests who comprise the Washington Orthodox Clergy Association or WOCA, sponsor this site as a service to those who seek an Orthodox Church in Washington State. Please also check out the various topics, articles, and events included in this website.

You can access this site via orthodoxwashington.org or through orthodoxwashington.com. Your suggestions regarding our website are welcome. 

Orthodox Churches in Washington State are categorized by Location and Jurisdiction

You can find Monasteries and Convents in Washington State in the Monasteries tab. Those outside of Washington State are found in the "Who We Are" tab, under Member Jurisdictions.

Again, Welcome to Orthodox Washington, sponsored by the Washington Orthodox Clergy Association (WOCA).

2017 Upcoming & Special Events

2017 Upcoming & Special Events

As the 2017 Spring Season approaches, check out our Events page for announcements of upcoming, special & seasonal church activities and events. Click here to view 2017 Upcoming Events   Check back frequently for posted Spiritual Opportunities.

Check back soon for our 2017 Spring & Summer Schedule of Church events!

Contemporary Social Issues

Washington Orthodox Clergy Association periodically speaks out concernng Contemporary Social Issues. Click here to review Statements regardings Contemporary Social Issues

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